Well, here I am, live and on-line with my first attempt at blogging!  Thanks for joining me on my mission to reinvent myself!  Feel free to comment and offer suggestions as I go along.  To find out more about my mission, please visit the “About” tab.

7 thoughts on “Hello, World!

  1. Hi Baby.. The blog site is off to a good start. I think your goals are certainly admirable, and very well stated. Good luck sexy woman… I am your biggest fan!

  2. Here I am…raising your site hits to 14 woo go you! Living the online dream (just be sure to update, people hate it when you’re lazy). It’s nice that you can take time out of your busy life and arranging the family’s life to do something you enjoy.

  3. Hi Carla, Congrats on your new adventures in cyberspace. I’ve signed up to peek over your shoulder as you continue on the path to personal fulfillment.

    I’ve traveled extensively for business and through my brief 3 year military career and have seen many places in my life.

    If you start a “bucket-list” of places to visit before you can’t, be certain to go to Central / Northern California and spend some time. The natural splendor can’t be explained. It makes you realize just how small we are in the big scheme of things. I am talking about the coastal regions from Big Sur, the Carmel Highlands, Monterey up through the Giant Redwood Forests and along the coast. Magnificent to see and experience.

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