Despite having a fever of over 100 degrees, problems with the credit union, two papers due, and acting as a taxi for my teenage daughter and her friends, I still managed to do one thing toward my goals today!  I discovered how to accomplish the next step in unleashing my almost complete ebook on the world.  There are a few different websites that will assist with copyrighting my material as well as the marketing and printing, if I choose to pander to places like Amazon.   It’s amazing how quickly things take off once you’ve made the decision to declare it and commit!  My challenge to all of you out there is to think about what you want to declare in your own lives.  Good Luck!

One thought on “Despite It All!

  1. Calra I am so proud of you and what you have accomplished. I always knew you had it in you. you are amazing and i am glad you are taking the time to share your greatness with the world. IT’S ABUT DAMN TIME!! keep up the good work girl. miss you 🙂

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