Stepping Over One Another To Get To The Top

The power of a pyramid is incorrectly assumed to be at the top.  There is the all-seeing eye, or the more historically correct “the eye of providence,” staring at us from atop the pyramid on our dollar bill.

But look a little closer and you will see the true power is at the bottom because the bottom supports the top.  Please remember, We The People, DO have the power because we are holding up the top in whatever arena (government, corporate, military, etc.)  You only give away that power when you choose to believe you have none.  In a pyramid it only takes the removal of one block at the bottom to collapse the whole structure.

What would be possible if we stopped trying to step over one another to get to the top and instead helped support each other at the bottom?  We could change the top!

This begs the question: Why do people do nothing when they have all the power to facilitate a positive change?  Who said, “Ignorance is bliss?”  Perhaps people don’t want to know what is really happening around them.  Once you know something you can’t undo the knowledge and that creates a responsibility to act.  For example, if you knew someone was being abused and had the power to stop it, but didn’t, aren’t you just as much to blame as the abuser?   Now apply the analogy to big business and big government.  You can choose to remain ignorant through self-inflicted, television induced comas, or you can wake up and stand for something!