Giving Back

Throughout the year we acquire several free items both from subscribing to various freebie sites, and using a combination of coupons/store sales.  During the Holiday Season we donate them.

So far, our free items are as follows:  2 reusable razors complete with blades, a blank journal with pen, white t-shirt size medium, 2 travel size soaps, 1 laundry sample, 3 cereal bars, 1 small box of granola, and 1 stuffed animal.  Although there are only a few items here, just think what we could accomplish if everyone who could, donated just this much. There are approximately 300 million US citizens.  If only 10% of us did this there would be 60 million razors, 90 million cereal bars, etc.  You get the idea.  Acquiring these items only cost the time it took to enter in a mailing address online.

A few other ways we accumulate items to donate:  by using sites such as and, shopping year-end sales for the next season, and buying in bulk.  As a few examples of items in our arsenal against hunger and poverty, we have 10 bags of spaghetti @ .50 cents each, 10 jars of spaghetti sauce @ .57 cents each, 6 shampoo/conditioner combos @ .77 cents each, 2 pair of gloves @ .50 cents each, etc…

There is real power in numbers.  Together, we could make a difference.  What are you doing?