Never Put Off ‘Till Tomorrow What You Can Do Today – Thomas Jefferson

A Wise Man Will MAKE More Opportunities Than He Finds - Francis Bacon

My Father’s illness forces me to realize that our own mortality is imminent.  Regardless of what happens afterwards, it is impossible to escape.  So why do so many of us put our dreams on hold and procrastinate living the life we really want?  Why do we allow petty differences to rule our actions?  I am certainly not suggesting that we drop our responsibilities and run off to Aruba, but we can all take steps toward what we know in our hearts we should be doing.  We can heal wounded relationships.  We can make sincere efforts to right old wrongs.

We all have plenty of excuses as to why we are not living the way we know we should.  But that is all they are – excuses.  We have the ability to CHOOSE our thoughts and actions.  We can CHOOSE to give up or continue.  We can CHOOSE to find a path to success or accept defeat.  There are so many shining examples of people who have overcome incredible odds to achieve great things.  Here are just a few:

Oprah Winfrey – grew up in the woods of Mississippi, living in a single parent home with no running water or electricity.  Today she is a billionairess.

Joanne Rowling – the author of the Harry Potter books, she was unemployed and on welfare when she began writing. With the publication of her first three books, she made over $400 million!

-Les Wexner – raised in a working class family.  He had to mow lawns and shovel snow to earn money.  He began his empire with one small clothing store that grew into Victoria’s Secret, Abercrombie & Fitch, etc.

These people are proof that great odds can and are overcome every day. They did not have “lucky” breaks, neither did they wait around for opportunities to come to them.  They created their opportunities by taking action.

My Father has inspired me to take an honest account of my own life.   Am I really doing all I can? Am I making excuses instead of overcoming obstacles?

My challenge to you, dear readers, is to re-evaluate your own lives.  Please write back with your stories of success.  I look forward to reading them.